Saturday, December 22, 2012

Looking Forward to 2013

Lystra Books and Literary Services will be busy in 2013. Here's what readers can look forward to:

  • Two books from Nancy Peacock, the reissue of her first novel, LIFE WITHOUT WATER, and a brilliant new book, PERSIMMON WILSON. They will be available as both ebooks and print books.

  • I will soon publish as an ebook a non-fiction piece that explains the origins of my novel, UNTIL PROVEN: A MYSTERY IN TWO PARTS. The non-fiction work is entitled TIME OF DEATH.

  • I look forward to revising and rewriting and publishing a novel, STONE SOUP. It is set in a mill town in North Carolina and explores the beginnings of the mill town culture, something that lasted less than 100 years but changed the South in profound ways. It will soon be forgotten, I fear. Hence, STONE SOUP. Do you remember the old legend by that name?