Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Best News is, THE WORST THING is almost here!

The Worst Thing, a new novel by Nora Gaskin, will appear in the spring of 2018. 

* “A tight, spare novel of suspense” * “Fascinating” * “Real” * “Original”

“Who says a nice girl can’t write a convincing psychopath? In The Worst Thing, Nora Gaskin introduces Ape, a character so real, so broken, so deliciously creepy (“Are you scared?” he asks one of his victims. “I need you to be scared.”) you won’t be able to look away from him. You might even catch yourself secretly, guiltily admiring him. You surely won’t forget him.” —Kim Church, author of Byrd

The Worst Thing is a tight, spare novel of suspense, reminiscent of Ruth Rendell. With a bad guy Gaskin fashions from the inside out, whose demise you will root for even as you come to understand his needs, this story has the depth and substance of one that will be read for years to come.” —Jenny Milchman, USA Today bestselling & Mary Higgins Clark award-winning author

“A gripping story of a traumatic crime and how it affects the lives of everyone associated with it, from the police to a building handyman. It has all the plot twists and turns you want from an absorbing crime novel, but the book's real strength is in its characters. Most of the main characters are women who are tested and respond in ways that are human and believable.  The men feel like real people too. The ending is equally real. Highly recommended.” —Sarah Shaber, award-winning author of the Louise Pearlie WWII mysteries

“Shadowy foreboding and well-earned emotions lured me in, while fascinating backstories, absence of gore, and realistic police work insured that I enjoyed every word of this tightly woven original thriller.” —Karen Pullen, author of Cold Feet and Cold Heart