Literary Services

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Developmental Editing

I am a very good developmental, or substantive, editor. I read for character development, plot development, continuity, and the intangibles that make for a good read. Send me your manuscript and you will get it back marked up and with useful comments--all intended to make your book the best it can be. 

Cost: $100 plus $2 per page for the part of the process. I read the book through, as any reader would, then give it a careful second reading with mark-ups and comments. 

We will negotiate a price for additional readings. 

Managed Publication

Once you have written your best possible book, let me manage publication. That will include custom design of the cover and the interior lay-out, professional copy editing and proofreading, then publication in print and ebook form. Take advantage of what I've learned about the process, and of the team I have established.

Cost will depend upon the length and scope of the project. Let's talk.